Produced by Howard Fyvie

How to find the wonder

Finding the wonder in everyday routine.

In this humorous ‘vlog’ style video, Howard describes his habit of racing out of his flat and down the lift on a daily basis to one day discover, ‘the wonder of the staircase.’

He reflects on the different aspects of the stairwell that brought him joy (e.g. singing like a Monk and hearing his voice bounce around the walls!) and asks, ‘Are we speeding through life missing the wonder?’

With beautiful shots of nature, people and animals – the video helps us to reflect on the beauty in simple things and the wonder that can be found in our everyday.

Possible Discussion Questions

  • Do you speed out of the door every morning?
  • Have you ever had a ‘wonder’ moment in an everyday situation?

Related Bible Reference

  • Psalm 19



Produced by Howard Fyvie

Howard Fyvie is a Christian film maker and musician based in South Africa.