I Am Pilate

A journalist is sent to the home of the former district governor, but his routine obituary fact check reveals an extraordinary secret.

With its top-class filmmaking and acting, this 10 minute short film would be ideal for an online discussion group with youth or adults. The film’s thought-provoking portrayal of the Easter story would work well as part of an online church service or incorporated as an element of an online seekers course.

In the film we encounter Pilate as an old man, haunted by a memory from his days as governor.  The storytelling really captures Pilate’s anguish and regret as he remembers his curious encounter with a remarkable prisoner. 

This is the second in the series of “I AM” videos from Four8. The series aims to reintroduce biblical characters in timeless settings, exploring their individual journeys and humanising their experience.

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Possible Discussion Questions

  • What do you make of the governor’s question, “What is truth?”
  • What do you think the governor means when he says, “He was more than just a man. He held my hand and offered me everything”?



Produced by Four 8

Four8 are a creative film agency. Passionate about telling honest, true and just stories.

Elderly Pilate: Shaun Scott

Younger Pilate: Jamie Kristian

Alexander Newman: Kayode Akinyemi

Albie Terson: Letitia Hector

Joseph Hau: Jazz Lintott

Guard: Tomisin Adepeju

Directed by: Femi Oyeniran

Animated by: Kieran Bourne

Series Created and Produced by: Stephane Alexandre

Executive Produced by: Vikki Mclachlan

Executive Produced by: Matthew Barrett

Casting by: Kristina Erdely

Cinematography by: Miles Ridgway

Edited by: John Jeanes

Sound Design by: Dan Lambert