Love Like That Poem

Graciously, generously, wholeheartedly – Jesus loves us like that.

Powerful spoken word poem that reels off all the ways Jesus has loved us, and leaves us challenged to follow his self-sacrificial example.

Additional video below to use as an ice-breaker, discussion starter or event introduction.

Possible Discussion Questions

  • Where do you see Jesus’ love for you?
  • How has this poem changed your perception of Jesus’ love for you?

Related Bible Reference

  • John 3:16
  • Romans 5:8
Love Like That Thoughtshort
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Recommended for use as an ice-breaker, discussion starter or event introduction. Paired with the above poem, this moody ‘thoughtshort’ unpacks what love like that looks like in action. When we look at Jesus’ life and death on the cross, we discover what self-sacrificial love for the desperately needy and broken looks like. Downloading the poem video will give you access to this video too.



Produced by The Presence Project

The Presence Project weaves together music, film, poetry and photography to deepen people’s connection to God.

Written by: Chris Matthews