Northern Voices: Professional Rugby League Player

Hear everyday Christians from the North of England, like JJB, share their stories

Jamie Jones Buchanan or ‘JJB’ is a ‘real Northerner’, an ex-professional Rugby League player and a Christian.

JJB has retired after 22 years of professional rugby for the Leeds Rhinos and now looks back on his sporting career and journey to faith through another rugby player who took him to church.

Hear how Jesus has transformed JJB’s attitude to winning, to justice, to storing treasure in heaven rather than on earth, and to family. Be encouraged by JJB’s faith as he starts a new path, trusting that his identity in Jesus and glorifying God is secure whatever the future holds.

Possible Discussion Questions

  • What encourages and challenges you from Jamie’s testimony?
  • What is so freeing about identity in Jesus?

Related Bible Reference

  • Proverbs 17:3



Produced by Whittle Films

Whittle Films is based in Leeds and looks to create films based on testimonies that share faith openly, authentically, and that are relatable.

Filmed and Edited by Tim Hobbs

Trained at the Northern Film School, Tim is a filmmaker and videographer based in Leeds sharing people's stories through his film ministry Whittle Films. His passion is to see well-crafted films move through, and from, the Church, seeking to see lives changed and re-envision the way we communicate the Gospel.