Olympics 2020

How the greatest sporting event points us to the Greatest Event ever

After over a year of social distancing and isolation, the Olympics games are bringing together people from different countries, races, ages and classes to compete at the top level of their sports.

But we know that sport doesn’t always unify. It can divide and exclude people. It lead to great celebration or exposing scandals.

Jesus came to unite and mend our messy and divided world in a way even sport can’t, through his death on the cross. Sport gives us a wonderful picture of running the race of the Christian life alongside Jesus, the ultimate victor, knowing he has already secured our victory.

Possible Discussion Questions

  • What are some similarities between sport and the Christian faith? What are some differences?
  • What do you find hardest about being a Christian? How can others encourage you to keep running the race?

Related Bible Reference

  • Hebrews 12:1-2

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Produced by Polly Standring

Polly Standring is being trained in videography and production with Go Chatter. She loves being a Londoner, drawing UK landmarks, most sports and looking after her many plants.