Planet Earth

God’s Canvas

The world we live in is extravagantly made: in terms of its size, its enormity, but also in its intricacy, the complexity of all the many cycles, sounds and tastes it generates and sustains. Our planet is brimming with variety in colour, spectacles, vistas, environments, landscapes, climates. It could have been so boring, so one-dimensional, so monochrome, but it reflects the character of God, who created it all, and so it is vibrant, marvellous, extravagant. As this short video explains, Revelation 4:11 reminds us that God is “worthy to receive glory, and honour, and power, for [He] created all things.”

Footage and audio used in this Planet Earth style video is either purchased royalty free stock footage, has been filmed by us or is footage that is under a CC0 public domain license.

Possible Discussion Questions

  • If the world is God’s canvas, what does it say about what he is like?
  • God created such an extravagant home for us to live him, how should we respond?

Related Bible Reference

  • Nehemiah 9:6
  • Revelation 4:11



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