Starting University As A Christian

Top 10 tips for getting the most out of University life.

How do you feel about starting University? Maybe you can’t wait for the fresh start: to move out of home and become independent. Perhaps you’re a little worried about the workload, your finances or making new friendships.

If you are a Christian starting University, you may also be thinking about joining the Christian Union, finding a church and sharing your faith with others.

Here, several students chat about their top tips for getting the most out of your new life at University. They share some brilliant points about investing in people, experiencing new things, making time to relax and spending wisely.

Possible Discussion Questions

  • Are there any other points or tips you feel you could add to the ones mentioned in the video?
  • What challenges might Christians face while starting University?



Produced by UCCF

UCCF: The Christian Unions is made up of over 200 Christian Unions representing 20,000 Christian students from all sorts of church backgrounds and denominations. Their aim is to give every student in Britain an opportunity to hear about Jesus.