Finding a Church at University

Starting University? This short Christian video discusses some easy steps to finding and settling into a good local church.


Since the fall, we’ve been covering up. Can we be accepted? This video looks at how our sin is dealt with by God. Instead of trying to cover up our shame, we see in Jesus an offer of full acceptance

Where is Your God?

Where is your God? – here’s an answer to this familiar question through a contemporary reflection on Psalm 42’s repeated refrain

Being a Christian at University

A great video for Christians starting uni. A range of students share their experience of living for Jesus where they are and give their top-tips

Starting University As A Christian

Students give their 10 top tips for getting the most out of University life in this Christian video, from starting University to finding a church.

Strange New World

This UCCF video explores what it feels like to be a Fresher and invites everyone to explore the bigger questions in life at their Christian Union


Jesus asks Peter ‘Who do you say I am?’. This Uncover video asks: Does it matter how people define us? Who are we? Who is Jesus?

Anybody Home?

A thought-provoking video from UCCF to go with their Uncover Mark project. Are we really alone in this life? Are we lost or are we found?

Is Mark’s Story Reliable?

Thought-provoking Christian video – Cambridge University Lecturer points out some surprising facts about the reliability of Mark’s Gospel.