The Monster

King David is confronted by his sin.

Have time for a story? This story was told to a king thousands of years ago but is relevant to every one of us today.

‘The monster’ is based on the story of the mighty King David being confronted about his sin. Realising that he is himself, the monster, David must face us to his actions and trust in God’s forgiveness.

Like David, we often hide from who we are or pretend to be something different. The truth is, just like the ‘monster’ in this story, we have all messed up. We all need God’s forgiveness.

Created by Plungepool for Word Alive Event 2019.

Possible Discussion Questions

  • What do you think about when you hear the word ‘sin?’
  • Do you agree that we have all done wrong, and need God’s forgiveness?

Related Bible Reference

  • 2 Samuel 12
  • Psalm 51



Created by Plungepool

Plungepool, a Christian media production company, exist to help as many people as possible engage with the good news about Jesus through creative storytelling.

Script and Animation by Jonathan Greenaway

Jonathan Greenway is a freelance video editor, motion designer and marketer consultant. He’s based in Germany where he runs PlungePool.

Created for Word Alive

Word Alive is an organisation who's main aim is to serve the Church and to reach the world. Their desire is to resource individuals and churches and so empower them in their mission to their local communities and the wider world.

Illustrations: William Fong

Voice-over: Esther Field