Your Invisible Weapon

Everyone carries a weapon – how can we use it for good?

Did you know that we all have a weapon on us, all of the time? That’s right; we each come equipped with a fully functioning weapon that can instantly be a force for good or bad.

The weapon is our words. Using words, we have a power that can be used for life – to build people up, or death – to tear them down.

As the Bible says, the tongue is like a little spark that has the power to burn down a whole forest. The things we say have the amazing capacity to change other’s lives, so what we say really matters.

Here are some tips for how to handle our weapon and use it to create, not destroy.

Possible Discussion Questions

  • Can you think of some examples when you have been either built up or torn down by the power of words?
  • Who could you encourage today?

Related Bible Reference

  • James 3:5



Produced by Howard Fyvie

Howard Fyvie is a Christian film maker and musician based in South Africa.