Produced by Speak Life


Shot from the heart of heaven, like a cannonball, Jesus enters human history

This animated rap video dramatically communicates the hope the gospel brings humanity. The Christian message confronts us with the murky depths of a problem we usually try to ignore: our mortality because of our sin. The glorious truth of the gospel raises us to heights we never imagined possible.

Here’s the universal problem. Life is a terminal condition; everyone alive is perishing. It’s like being born into quicksand. No sooner conscious than we begin to sink.

Help is needed – but what could possibly be the remedy? We desperately search for a rope to haul us to safety but God sends a cannonball. 

Jesus comes down into the pit, to the very heart of our ruin, but his life is plotted on a completely different trajectory to ours. He’s heading for the cross. Rather than sinking deeper into the quicksand with us, Jesus deliberately accepts death because he knows it’s the only way to bring us salvation.

On the cross, as he dies, Jesus destroys death’s curse. Like a cannonball, he blasts a hole through our mortality and emerges into eternal life. He doesn’t just dangle us a bit of rope, he completely obliterates the danger. Jesus knows the path to true life is actually through his sacrificial death in our place. The path to Easter Sunday is through Good Friday. 

Here’s a helpful explanation from Glen about his thinking behind this video.  If you’re going to use Cannonball with your youth group, this explanation video would be a really helpful companion piece.

Possible Discussion Questions

  • The rap talks about being “born into quicksand”, what does that mean?
  • What difference does Jesus’s death and resurrection make? How much impact does it have on your life?



Produced by Speak Life

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Script: Glen Scrivener

Music: Josh Lucas

Vocals: Guvna B

Artwork: Alex Webb-Peploe

Animation: Sam Kwan

Animation: Sam Orr