Like a cannonball shot from the heart of heaven comes Jesus

Cannonball is a way of thinking about the gospel. Jesus didn’t just lift us out of the pit, but instead dived down deeper than we are, and blasted a hole through death.

The Christian message takes us down deeper than we’re usually prepared to go and then raises us higher than we ever imagined possible.

We’re born perishing and sinking. We’re born into this terminal conditional called life, which is chronic, and fatal. We all have it.

But what is the help we need? We look for a rescue rope but God sends a cannonball. 

Jesus is going in completely the opposite direction in life to us. He comes down into the pit and plunges down into our ruin. He’s heading for the cross. He’s on a completely different trajectory to us. That’s the way he brings salvation. We’re climbing up but sinking down. He doesn’t have to sink down, but he plunges down deliberately into death.

On the cross, through death, he destroys death. He blasts a hole through death and out the other side. He doesn’t just dip a toe into death or a rescue rope. Instead he goes down through death and out the other side into eternal life. That’s the path to life. The path to life is actually through death. The path to Easter Sunday is through Good Friday. 

Here’s a helpful explanation video from Glen about his thinking behind this video.  If you’re going to use this video in a youth group setting this explanation video will be really helpful to unpack it.



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Script: Glen Scrivener

Music: Josh Lucas

Vocals: Guvna B

Artwork: Alex Webb-Peploe

Animation: Sam Kwan

Animation: Sam Orr