Come Home for Christmas

This Christmas, find your true home

We all have different experiences of going home for Christmas. For some, it’s the best time of the year – home is a place of warmth and safety, family and love. Others may dread the thought of going home for Christmas, where arguments happen and old wounds are opened.

But what if there is another home we can go to? A perfect home, where nothing disappoints and past hurts are forgotten. The Bible tells us that there is a heavenly home, a perfect Kingdon where wrongs are put right and where God dwells with his people in perfect peace. A home that we were created for.

God didn’t leave us without any way of finding this home. When Jesus was born on that first Christmas day, he was leaving a perfect home to be with us – to give us an invitation to return with him to the home that we long for.

The invitation is still there and the door is still open.

Will you come in?

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Possible Discussion Questions

  • What does ‘home’ mean to you – have you ever wished for something more than what your home offers you?
  • How will it affect our lives here on Earth if we know that we have a spiritual, eternal home?



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