A Conversation with the Homeless

Imagine having no one to talk to – could one conversation make a difference?

Howard Fyvie chats about his latest video making experiment…

When Howard had the idea of making a video about homeless people, he expected it to be fun: to meet some interesting characters, have some chats, even make a few friends.

However, Howard shares how God stepped in and used his conversations to reach one homeless person, in particular: Lucien, a young man made homeless after losing both his parents in a house fire.

It is likely that a homeless person has very few people who are willing to talk to them and to hear their story. Approaching and talking to someone on the streets might be out of your comfort zone, but it is worth a little discomfort. See what happens – it might just be a conversation to change someone’s entire life!

Possible Discussion Questions

  • Do you think it is easy to judge homeless people when we see them?
  • What are some practical ways that we can all help the homeless?



Created by Howard Fyvie

Howard Fyvie is a Christian film maker and musician based in South Africa.