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Did Jesus really rise from the dead?

If Jesus didn't really rise from the dead, Christianity is both irrelevant and a waste of time. But if Jesus did rise from the dead, that changes everything. There is so much more than this life and then death!

Essentials Series Bundle

Throughout this series of 5 videos, Lee McMunn explains that to know the truth we need God to engage us in conversation. Lee looks at what Jesus says about God in the Bible and explores what it means to have a relationship with Him. 

The Only Way to God

Christian video clearly explaining John 14:6 to show that Jesus is being honest not intolerant when He says He is the only way to God.


A thought short video exploring a culture where we seem happy to voice our own opinions, but not listen to others. A great discussion starter.

8 Ways Jesus Treated Women

...and 8 ways we can do the same. In this 1 minute sound bite, Dan Marks takes us through 8 ways Jesus treated women by empowering, celebrating, protecting, honouring, respecting, valuing, teaching and confiding in them.

Which God is the ‘right God’?

Throughout history and cultures, we have reached out for a god. But only God has already reached out to us in Jesus, and verified his deity with the resurrection. So which God is the 'right God'?

Why I’m Still a Virgin

With honesty and warmth, Howie answers these two questions and unpacks just what sex is. Sex is more than just 2 people coming together in a physical act of intimacy. Sex, as God designed it, is the most powerful glue on the planet.


Powerful short video likening life's uncertainties with the unpredictable nature of the sea. What will see us through the storm?


Short video exploring the majestic nature of lions. A great discussion starter helping people to think about what or who they follow!


What do you find in barren places? A thoughtshort video exploring our desire to 'connect' with something greater.


Short video exploring the way each of us 'sees' the world uniquely. A great discussion starter on plausibility structures or worldviews.

Is Mark’s Story Reliable?

Thought-provoking Christian video - Cambridge University Lecturer points out some surprising facts about the reliability of Mark's Gospel.


A thoughtshort video exploring the origins of life through the metaphor of water. It asks not just ‘how?’ or ‘where?’ life began – but ‘why?’