Life To The Full

Coaches inspire, Jesus does more than inspire. Watch “Life to the Full” to find out about the amazing offer Jesus is making to you!

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Coaches inspire, Jesus does more than inspire

Coaches inspire, encourage and lead their teams, causing us idly to ponder questions such as "What words of wisdom and encouragement did Lendl have for Murray before the Wimbledon final?" It matters who we have in our lives, we need people around us who will inspire, encourage and help us to live life well. So often, our heroes let us down, or we stop ourselves from enjoying life because of the brokenness within. This short film considers Jesus' words in John 10:10 'I have come that you may have life, and have it to the full.’ He didn’t come to offer his followers success, happiness or wealth. Jesus came into our broken world and asks to enter our broken hearts to give us life in all its fullness, life that doesn’t even need to fear death.

Possible Discussion Questions

  • Who inspires and encourages you? In what ways do these people help you to live life fully?
  • How does Jesus's offer to give you "life to the full" exceed the encouragements of even the most inspirational coach?

Related Bible Reference

  • John 10:10


Produced by Amyand Park Chapel

Amyand Park Chapel is a reformed evangelical church based in Twickenham, Middlesex.

Animated by Joseph Michael

Joseph Michael is a freelance motion graphics designer based in London and a member of Amyand Park Chapel

Music by John Lucas

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