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Feeling lost? Everyone feels that way sometimes. But Easter is all about Jesus coming back to life, coming home. Is He hoping you’ll come home too?


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Feeling lost? Everyone feels that way sometimes. But Easter is all about Jesus coming back to life, coming home. Is He hoping you'll come home too?

Jesus is always waiting for us with open arms. He has also given us a church family, so we don't ever have to feel lost again, because even if we are, we're there together and we know where we're going.

Two Versions of this video
Two versions of this short video have been created. One that we feel would be more suited for showing in a church setting and one that is more suited for sharing via social media.

Social Media Cards Included with this video
Both versions come with a social media guide and social media cards. We've created these so that advertising your easter service, or starting conversations around the topic of easter on social media can be as easy as possible.

  1. The first type of social media cards are blank. These are photos pulled from the video itself. You can add your church logo to them, along with some details for your easter service, and use them as invitations online. Alternately, you can have your communications team get creative and use these in a totally different way.
  2. The second type of social media card you will find are cards with quotes from the videos on them. These can be used as engaging conversation starters or as invitations to either watch the easter videos or attend your easter service. We’ve included a wide variety of quotes so you can post about this online a fair few times and still deliver fresh content each time.


Written by Chris Cambell

Chris Cambell is a mixed-race Native American immigrant with ADHD living in the UK. He is the Co-Founder of Fight Evil With Poetry Press and is an award winning poet, designer, and storyteller. You can find him at his day job running Chris Cambell Creative, working with passionate people to communicate life changing messages.

Filmed and edited by Tim Hobbs

Trained at the Northern Film School, Tim is a filmmaker and videographer based in Leeds sharing people's stories through his film ministry Whittle Films. His passion is to see well-crafted films move through, and from, the Church, seeking to see lives changed and re-envision the way we communicate the Gospel.

Licence Agreement

Social media licence

Permission has been granted by the content-creator to upload this video unedited directly to your personal or church’s social media. The social media license is an additional license that some videos have as some content creators have allowed some of their videos to be uploaded by churches to their social media channels.

Ministry use licence

By purchasing this video, you are purchasing a license to use and show this video as part of your ministry in ONE church.

You are granted permission to use the video in:

1) Offline services, school assemblies or lessons, groups or at events (including youth, kids and midweek groups and events)

2) Online services or assemblies that are streamed or pre-recorded. (For online services, the content video you have purchased should be part of a complete church service which must be at least 20 minutes long.)

3) Online small groups meeting over Zoom or a similar video call platforms.

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