Skin Deep

Spoken word for Black History Month from the perspective of a white person with adopted black siblings, that looks to diagnose the deep-rooted problems beneath racism.


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Spoken word for Black History Month from the perspective of a white person with adopted black siblings

Becky Dawson powerfully unpacks Black History Month from a white person's perspective in this spoken word. Her words expose a world that has woken up to racial tensions in the last few years, but is in danger of ticking boxes without trying to effect real change: her adopted black siblings were racially abused at a school praised for its diversity.

Yet, the issue is not just skin deep. Racism is a symptom of humanity's sinful condition, that breaks us apart relationally from each other and from God. Becky closes with a call for genuine action for equality, and an invitation to discover and accept Jesus Christ who heals the sickness of all humanity.

Discussion Questions:

  • What struck you from the video and why?
  • How do we respond, individually and collectively, to tragedies of racial division today? How should we respond?


Acoustic Polly Standring

Polly Standring writes, films and edits faithful, relevant and quality videos for Go Chatter, and connects with Christian content-creators and churches. She loves being a Londoner, most outdoor sports and looking after her many plants.​

Written and performed by Becky Dawson

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