The Man Upstairs

Is God just a bad tempered old man living in the sky? That wouldn’t be good news! Watch “The Man Upstairs” to discover how God describes himself.

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What do you think God is like?

Has God ever been described to you as "the man upstairs" or "an old man in the sky", perhaps similar to a kind old gentleman, or maybe made out to be more like a tyrant? In either case, what good would a god like that be?

Thankfully God is unlike anyone we’ve ever met. He’s not a bit like us, only slightly stronger, fitter and harder working. We know what God is like because he has told us all about himself, in the Bible.

This video unpacks some of the amazing things the Bible says about what God is really like. He’s eternal, perfect in every way, he never flies of the handle. He’s completely powerful and he knows everything, yet he never stops loving us! Amazing!

These videos were created as an evangelism project by the Presbyterian Church in Ireland.

Possible Discussion Questions

  • How do you imagine God? And why?
  • Do you ever think of God like some old man in the clouds…do you think thats good news?


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