Dr Max Finds The Facts

Dr Max Finds The Facts

Quirky Dr Max loves facts. Surely one fact is certain - no one beats death. Or is it?

Many people think they can just discard the claims of Easter, but the fact is, we need to examine the facts carefully to come to a sensible conclusion. In this video, Inspire London tackle many of the objections to the resurrection with helpful facts that counter that view.

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Possible discussion questions

What do you think of these facts of Jesus' death and resurrection?

Why is it such a big deal for Christians whether Jesus rose from the dead or not?


Hi. I’m Dr. Max. And I’m a scientist. And because I’m a scientist I love new technology. But scientists love one thing more than anything. Facts. Today we’ll be looking at the facts about death. After death the body rapidly cools down to room temperature. This is what is called Algor Mortis. But one thing’s for certain. No one beats death and that’s a fact! Or is it?

Hi, I’m Pete and I’m a vicar, and I became a christian while studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University. Hi I’m Eliza and I’m a real doctor in the NHS. Hi I’m Mark I studied Maths at University and I’m a Vicar. And I’m not really Doctor Max. I’m an actor playing Doctor Max. It would seem that no one beats death,
that it’s final. But the claim of Easter is that someone has beaten death, Jesus.

Lots of people think they can just discard the claims of Easter. But the fact is, we need to examine the facts carefully to come to a sensible conclusion. 2,000 years ago eyewitnesses claimed that Jesus Christ a man killed by Roman authorities was alive again, risen from the dead. It’s that possible?

You could claim that he didn’t actually die. maybe it was all just a performance or maybe he passed out and woke up later. But the fact is, he was executed by soldiers who were professionals they knew exactly how to make sure someone was dead. And the fact is, that Christian, Jewish and Roman writings all validate the death of Jesus by crucifixion as historical fact.

And you could claim that his body was stolen by his followers. But the fact is, Jesus’ body was laid in the tomb, a large stone rolled in front of it. Roman soldiers put on guard to prevent the body being stolen. And if they neglected their duty it was on pain of their own death. And then three days later his body disappeared? And to this day the bones of Jesus Christ have never been found.

People say that such a resurrection is scientifically impossible. But the fact is, that from a philosophical point of view that is a category error. Science deals with the natural realm and a resurrection event, would be by definition something that is supernatural. So science cannot exclude the possibility of a resurrection. The fact is if God exists a resurrection is perfectly possible.

Or you could claim that the witnesses were unreliable. But the fact is there were over 500 of them in different times and different places. Many of them still alive to be fact checked when the written accounts were written.

You could claim that Jesus’ followers made the resurrection all up. But the fact is, most of Jesus followers died for their belief in the resurrection. Now why would you die for a lie? In fact it was openly acknowledged that if it was all made up then the disciples were wasting their lives.

But why does it all matter? Well if the facts are true, then Jesus is alive. Death has been defeated and we can have hope.

So this Easter why not examine the facts yourself. Because if Jesus really did rise from the dead the fact is it changes everything.

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