Essentials 5 – Response

Essentials 5 – Response

Discover how to become a Christian when you know enough about Jesus.

A helpful video outlining how to respond to Jesus’ call to follow him.


A Christian is not someone who simply believes in a god and is trying to live a good life as defined by them. No a Christian is someone who is trusting in Jesus as their saviour and has committed to him as their King. Now you don’t need to know everything about Jesus before you decide to follow him. It’s a bit like getting married. The two people who get married don’t know everything about each other before they make their promises. But they do get to the point where they know enough about the other to say, “This person is for me.” It’s the same with Jesus.

If you have watched the previous videos, and you’ve believed what you have heard, then you do know enough to follow Jesus. And if that’s something you want to do then let me encourage you to say the following prayer: Jesus, I am amazed by your love for me. Thank you for sacrificing yourself so I can be rescued from the punishment I deserve. From this point onwards, I want to trust you as my Saviour and obey you as my King. Father, I am sorry that I’ve rebelled against you, but thank you for embracing me as your child. Please help me, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to change so that I become more like you. Amen. If you have genuinely committed yourself to Jesus using those words then be encouraged. Jesus has paid for all your sins. You are now a child in the Father’s family. And the powerful Holy Spirit dwells within you.

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