In the Beginning

What really happened – in the beginning? Was it Nothing, Chaos, Power, or Love?

It’s the ultimate question, and the biggest mystery: How did we get here?
And what is the point of us all anyway?

In this video, Glen Scrivener talks us through four competing options to explain the origin of the universe: Nothing, Chaos, Power, or Love.

The first three choices seem pretty bleak: a pointless existence, a fight for survival or a distant deity.
Thankfully, there is another option.

“For if nothing’s our source, then life’s absurd.
If chaos, then war’s the final word.
If power, then all of us are slaves.
And yet it’s love the whole world craves.”

“So what’s our “beginning”? Our answers count.”

Possible Discussion Questions

  • What typical answers to the ‘beginning’ question have you heard (through education / media / friends?)
  • Do you think it is important to have a clear belief about ‘the beginning’? Why?



Produced by Speak Life

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Presented by Glen Scrivener

Glen Scrivener is originally from Australia and has lived in the UK for more than half his life. He started as curate at All Soul’s Church, Eastbourne, where he and his family still worship. Currently he is the Director of Speak Life based in Eastbourne trying to spread the gospel through missions and online presence.