It’s Not Fair

It's Not Fair

It's Not Fair

When we see or go through suffering something within us tells us it’s not fair.

Maybe your family breaks up, you’re ripped off, or someone close dies. Why does life so often feel unfair? This is a helpful video to start thinking about that question. The video points us to the amazing news that God isn’t just helplessly watching from the sidelines but he’s got involved in our suffering to end it once and for all.

Possible discussion questions

Do you ever feel let down, ripped off or fed up?

What has God done about suffering?


When your family breaks up, when you’re ripped off, let down. When you get sick or when someone dies. When we see or go through suffering like that, something within us tells us, it’s not fair. Deep down all of us have this sense of how life should be. Now and again when everything is going our way, when everything is fair and good we feel the world’s all as it should be.

When the dark clouds of suffering appear, a little voice rises inside us and we hear ourselves crying out why? Why this? Why now? Why me? So why does life often seem so unfair?

In the Bible God tells us why. Life no longer works the way he meant it to. That’s why the head lines are so full of wars, famines and all sorts of tragedies and disasters. And that’s why closer to home we look out on the side lines and see suffering in others. Or why somethings we get caught up in the front lines of our own suffering. It feels awful, doesn’t it.

Back in the beginning, when God made the world, it was all the way it was meant to be. Today when life goes well for us, we still get a sense of what that was like. And we wish it could be like that all the time. But it isn’t, because something happened to spoil God’s perfect world. It came like a terrible interruption, and it all started with one little act of selfishness.

God had created a perfect world and invited people to go and enjoy it, saying just one thing, trust me. God have been so good to the first man and woman, he’d given them everything. But they still wanted a little bit more for themselves.

When offered a chance not just to be loved by God, but to be like God, they went for it. They no longer trusted God’s instruction, they decided to do things their own way. And it was a total disaster, it all fell apart.

At that moment pain and sorrow, darkness & death spilled into God’s perfect world. And it’s been like that ever since, for all of us and everything.

So is that it then? The world is broken and so are our lives. Here we are again asking why? But this time asking why doesn’t God do something? Has God just left us to it? Turned a deaf ear to our suffering and our pain?

Well no, God has taken the most amazing step to put things right again. Having seen the tragic headlines of brokenness God stepped out from the side lines. Came down on to the front line when he came into the world in Jesus his son. 

Jesus knew what it was to live on the wrong side of what’s fair. Born into a poor family, put out of his home, criticised at every turn. Mocked, threatened turned upon by his own people, wrongly convicted. Finally hung on a cross to die a terrible death, even though he’d never done anything wrong.

But Jesus also rose above the worst that suffering could throw at him. When he came back from the dead. And he did that not just for himself but for us in fact for the whole world. When he returns again he promises that everything will be put right – set fair. 
So when we feel it’s not fair or ask why doesn’t God do something. It’s not what we think. God has done something. He isn’t sitting in the sky reading the headlines or helplessly watching from the side lines.

He has joined us on the front line of our suffering, and we can find him there with us if we take another look.

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West Kirk, Presbyterian Church

West Kirk, Presbyterian Church

West Kirk is a Presbyterian Church on the heart of the Shankill Road in Belfast.

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West Kirk, Presbyterian Church

West Kirk, Presbyterian Church

West Kirk is a Presbyterian Church on the heart of the Shankill Road in Belfast.