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What do you follow?

Using imagery from the safari plains of Tanzania, this thoughtshort explores the nature of lions.

From their serene beauty to their raw power, lions create a sense of fear and fascination. It is no wonder that they often receive the title ‘majestic’.

The word majestic has its origins in describing both royalty and the divine. At its core, it means something that is superior, better, something that is worthy of our admiration.

Armies have followed the symbol of the lion into battle, and even – to death.
But why?

Because there is, in each of us, a desire to live, fight and die for something worthwhile. Something superior. Something Majestic.

Possible Discussion Questions

  • What are the causes, leaders or banners that demand our attention today?
  • Is there a banner we follow in life? Something we allow to lead us? Is it majestic?

Related Bible Reference

  • Philippians 1:21
  • Romans 12:1-2



Produced by owlinspace

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Narrated by Tom Cozens

Tom Cozens is a producer and presenter based in London UK as the Director at owlinspace. Tom has worked with a variety of companies including Disney, Sony, the BBC, CTVC, TBN UK, Ethos Education, CSLI London, Oasis and A Rocha. Having studied both Science at Cambridge and Philosophy & World Religion at Oxford.