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Make Way for the King

King over everything

Matthew’s Gospel tells us that Jesus Christ is King over everything – this Christians In Sport video is unpacking that claim and asking for our response.

The film starts with a man in an office space, investigating the claims of Jesus. He is trying to put the pieces together to work out Jesus’ identity.

As his pin board builds with snippets, quotes and photos; the camera pans out to show the word KING.

The video states that Jesus is King over family, friends, school and sport.

It finishes with a challenge: will we make way for him?

Possible Discussion Questions

  • Have you ever investigated who Jesus is and what he came for?
  • What difference do you think it would make if we made Jesus the King of our lives, sport and relationships?

Related Bible Reference

  • John 18:36-37
  • Matthew 6:24



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Music: Tony Anderson