The Seriously Surprising Story

Follow in the footsteps of Jesus’ followers as they travel to Emmaus and get talking to someone who gives them the biggest surprise of all!

A children’s animation that tells the story of meeting the risen Jesus on the road to Emmaus. The animation explains how the miracles and the Old Testament point to who Jesus really is, and how it was always the plan for Jesus to die and rise again.

‘It’s the biggest story that’s ever been told,
About Jesus, who is risen, it never gets old!’

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Possible Discussion Questions

  • What’s so surprising about what happened to Jesus after he was crucified?
  • How surprised would you have been if you’d been there in the room and realised it was really Jesus with you?

Additional Resources

Booklet, quiz and adventure trail created by the Bible Society.



Produced by Bible Society

The Bible Society take the Bible and find ways to translate and distribute it, create digital formats, advocate for its place in society and help people relate to and make sense of it in their everyday lives.

Artwork: Emma Skerratt

Animation: Filma King