That Dragon Death

Unwinnable: The Game That’s True to Life

Why are computer games so popular? Is it because they give the player complete control – the ability to make decisions in order to overcome obstacles and ultimately, win? Games enable us to be the hero.

The award winning game That Dragon, Cancer is completely different. It is impossible to win, because it mirrors real life. The creators constructed the game as a memorial to their young son to show that, in the real world, no matter how well we perform, no one can defeat the ultimate enemy: death.

However, the game doesn’t end with the inevitable defeat. Players watch as they are carried through death to the joyful life beyond it.

Easter reminds us that there is nothing we can do to beat death ourselves, but we have a hero: Jesus is the ‘dragon slayer.’

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Possible Discussion Questions

  • Do you think that we can ever really ‘win’ in life?
  • How has Jesus defeated the enemy and become our hero?



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