The Two Sides of Sport

Three athletes share their highs and lows

Sport has massive ups and downs, as does life.

Featuring a talk from Rico Tice and interviews with Debbie Flood, Linvoy Primus and Garin Jenkins; this film looks at the highs and lows of professional sport and the faith these three athletes have in Jesus.

In the video, Rico explores the deeper questions that life and sport can provoke in us – but can’t answer. He shares how the Bible answers these questions and explains why Jesus came.

Debbie, Gavin and Linvoy share honestly and openly why knowing Jesus is more precious and powerful to them then the greatest sporting victory they could attain.

Music licensed from The Music Bed and Premium Beat with tracks from Dexter Britain and Tony Anderson.

“Thanks to Alpha International for allowing us to use footage of Debbie Flood and to Fratton Park and Leander Rowing Club for locations.”

Possible Discussion Questions

  • What do you love/hate most about watching/competing in sport?
  • Do you ever feel like Linvoy did, that there’s something missing?



Produced by Christians in Sport

Christians in Sport exists to reach the world of sport for Christ. Billions of people around the world play sport and Christians in Sport want to share the good news of Jesus with them and train Christian sports people to do the same.

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