How did life begin?

Through the metaphor of water, this thoughtshort explores the origins of life. Like a river – can we trace life’s origins back to its source?

It poses that, even if we knew everything – the real question at the back of our minds is not ‘where?’ or ‘how?’ but … ‘why?’

Possible Discussion Questions

  • Have you ever thought about where life came from?
  • Do you agree that the real question for most of us is not ‘how’ or ‘where’ but ‘why?’

Related Bible Reference

  • Colossians 1:16



Produced by owlinspace

Owlinspace makes “cinematic, academic, existential films”. They are a cross-disciplinary team of academics and creatives, who combine the simplicity of good storytelling with the insight of cutting edge research, to craft film.

Narrated by Tom Cozens

Tom Cozens is a producer and presenter based in London UK as the Director at owlinspace. Tom has worked with a variety of companies including Disney, Sony, the BBC, CTVC, TBN UK, Ethos Education, CSLI London, Oasis and A Rocha. Having studied both Science at Cambridge and Philosophy & World Religion at Oxford.