Uncover Mark

Who are we? Who is Jesus?

This video asks both questions and concludes that our identity is bound up with what we make of Him.

With thoughtful acting, powerful poetry and emotive narration – this video unpacks the theme of ‘identity’ in Marks gospel.

Produced for the Uncover Mark gospel project which you can get to here: www.uncover.org.uk/mark

Possible Discussion Questions

  • Do you think identity is defined by what others make of us?
  • What do you make of Jesus? What is his identity?

Related Bible Reference

  • Mark 8:29



Produced by UCCF

UCCF: The Christian Unions is made up of over 200 Christian Unions representing 20,000 Christian students from all sorts of church backgrounds and denominations. Their aim is to give every student in Britain an opportunity to hear about Jesus.

Script Mike Hood

Performed by: Amber-Page Moss

Music: Rachel Jamieson

Performed by: Rachael Rampat

Performed by: Jonnie Green

Videographer: Kat Luke

Videographer: Sam Lucas