Arms Wide Open

Are your arms wide open?

This powerful poem about the Easter story exemplifies the extent of God’s love, how he came down to Earth, suffered and died for all peoples.

We must continue to proclaim this story. We must keep experimenting, must keep creating new language and forms of sharing our defining moments as the people of God.

This is the God of arms wide open.

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Possible Discussion Questions

  • How can you be opening your arms to people?
  • What new and interesting ways can you think of to share the gospel?



Produced by Fusion

Fusion is committed to championing a worldwide student movement through equipping students, serving churches and developing student workers. Spread across the UK with regional team leaders to help grow the gospel among students.

Performed by Miriam Swanson

Miriam Swanson is the Global Student Mission Leader for Fusion. She's an evangelist and communicator based in Middlesbrough but travelling all over the UK to equip the local church to reach students. She's passionate about this generation sharing their faith in the way they speak and live, authentically in their everyday lives alongside their mates.