Are you frozen to change?

This thoughtshort explores how “to live is to change.”

Through images of frost and ice captured in a farm near Beaconsfield, we think about how frost can cause stasis and eventually death. This is particularly relevant to politics, where culturally we seem quite happy to voice our own opinions – but not listen to others.

The video asks:

  • Are we willing to engage with ideas that differ from our own?
  • Are we happy to tolerate, but not to contemplate?
  • Are we frozen to change?

Possible Discussion Questions

  • Do you find it easier to ‘voice your own opinion’ or ‘contemplate on someone elses’?
  • How do you think ‘listening’ and ‘contemplating’ helps grow our relationships (and ourselves?)



Produced by Tom Cozens

Created by owlinspace

Owlinspace makes “cinematic, academic, existential films”. They are a cross-disciplinary team of academics and creatives, who combine the simplicity of good storytelling with the insight of cutting edge research, to craft film.