Good News in 90 Seconds

The amazing message of the Bible explained in 90 seconds!

Sometimes it may feel like the true message of the Christian faith has become lost; that it is overcomplicated or hard to explain. This short video reminds us of what it is ultimately all about.

In the beginning, there was light, life and love, so why instead do we see a world so full of darkness, death, and disconnection?

We may have turned away from God’s love, but what does love do? Love has reached down to us, through Jesus’ birth and death.

Because of Jesus, we can trade darkness for light, death for life and disconnection for love – that’s Good News!

Possible Discussion Questions

  • In what ways are humans living in ‘darkness and disconnection?’
  • What does the phrase ‘Good News’ mean to you?



Produced by Speak Life

Speak Life prayerfully preach the gospel, train Christians in evangelism and resource the church for its mission to the world. Speak Life produce video resources, and a regular podcast that help Christians to engage on key topics.

Script: Glen Scrivener

Animation: Dan Jones