Hope For A Hopeless World

Discover the Bible’s accurate diagnosis of our world’s brokenness, and the certain hope God offers in Jesus.

The last year has seen us battle Covid-19, recession, poverty, racism, global warming, disease and corruption. And then there’s our hearts – our selfishness, pride and greed that have broken our world.

Where can we turn? Is there any hope left? The Bible says YES.

Firstly, the Bible acknowledges that our world is broken and doesn’t pretend everything is ok. And secondly, the Bible gives us certain hope of reunion with the God who made us through Jesus, and hope of a better world.

How hopeful are you feeling?

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Possible Discussion Questions

  1. Where or who do you turn to when you feel hopeless?
  2. What difference do you think the certain hope of the Bible makes?

Related Bible Reference

  • Hebrews 11:1



Created by Polly Standring

Polly Standring is being trained in videography and production with Go Chatter. She loves being a Londoner, drawing UK landmarks, most sports and looking after her many plants.