Produced by Speak Life

The Myth That Really Happened

Easter: ‘The best story in the world ever?’

‘Once upon a time…’ What classic stories spring to mind when you hear this phrase?

A great quest? Overcoming a monster? Love lost and found? – We all love a good fairytale ending.

The story of Easter echoes all of these themes. Look closely and you will find an enemy, a hero and a mission to be completed.

This video invites us to look again at the Easter story. What if this fairytale is the truth? What if Jesus really is the hero?

Possible Discussion Questions

  • In what ways is the ‘myth’ in the video the same as the Easter story?
  • How should we respond if we believe that the Easter story really happened?



Produced by Speak Life

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Director: Glen Scrivener

Animation: Alex Webb-Peploe

Music: Josh Lucas

Videographer: Luke Aylen

Animation: Daniel Crook

Animation: Andy Bashforth

Narrated by: David Gordon-Watkins

Narrated by: Claire Povey