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The Myth That Really Happened

Easter: ‘The best story in the world ever?’

‘Once upon a time…’ What classic stories spring to mind when you hear this phrase?

A great quest? Overcoming a monster? Love lost and found? – We all love a good fairytale ending.

The story of Easter echoes all of these themes. Look closely and you will find an enemy, a hero and a mission to be completed.

This video invites us to look again at the Easter story. What if this fairytale is the truth? What if Jesus really is the hero?

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Possible Discussion Questions

  • In what ways is the ‘myth’ in the video the same as the Easter story?
  • How should we respond if we believe that the Easter story really happened?

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Produced by Speak Life

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Director: Glen Scrivener

Animation: Alex Webb-Peploe

Music: Josh Lucas

Videographer: Luke Aylen

Animation: Daniel Crook

Animation: Andy Bashforth

Narrated by: David Gordon-Watkins

Narrated by: Claire Povey