On The Way To The Tomb

On The Way To The Tomb

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Tomb

Here, using stand-up poetry, Glen investigates the humour and irony surrounding Jesus’ resurrection. We follow the women on the way to the tomb that Sunday morning. They went to perfume a corpse but instead they meet a living God. It’s the ultimate happy ending, the comedy plot-twist — death has been killed by dying. Easter laughter ensues because Jesus pioneers the ultimate “happily ever after.”


This’ll make you smile
So, God’s dead
Not the most fertile ground
for comedy
but stick with me a while
God’s dead, he bled out on Friday
before dusk, a husk of a God
buried in sod
planted in a virgin tomb
an unpromising womb 
but I guess that’s his style

Now Saturday was a holy day
and anyway everyone needed
a rest after killing God
so they put a day aside
to recover from the deicide
Which brings us to Sunday
and there are some women
who really want to attend
to God’s corpse
because of course
it’s bad manners
to have God rotting in the tomb

You should at least perfume
the cadaver and so they have a journey ahead
As they tread this path they disregard pretty much everything he said because he told them he was God and death could not hold him
So if any were believing
they would not be grieving

They’d presume
that service would soon resume
They’d camp beside the tomb
and wait for God to self-exhume
But no-one believed God
not even his believers
We can’t conceive a Higher Power
not really not higher than the grave
which will devour
That’s the one to make us cower
this glowering conqueror of light
it’s never lost a fight
Each extinguished breath
declares that death is Lord

It’s scored a victory over every rival
At God’s arrival
we briefly entertained a doubt:
Maybe Life’s in with a shout?’
but on Friday
he was out for the count
and we went back
to perfuming our cadavers
cos all we have, it seems
are corpse preservation regimes
And so these women resign
themselves to a truth alarming:
even God requires embalming

And then it’s empty
He’s not there
not in the place where he lay
not in the domain of decay
Death made its play
but God made a bolder move
He’s won! They’re stunned
None dared believe it
but now, now they’re crying
life has killed death by dying
He’s Devoured the beast
that swallowed him
crushed the abyss by falling in
destroyed destruction from within
The Seed’s burst out
on Easter morn
the Son from the virgin tomb is born
the valley of shadow
receives its dawn
and a hole through death
is forever torn

These mourners look through to see Him
and to see Him is to view Home
Home shorn of thorns
Home reborn
Home adorned with golden hue
On Easter Sunday
this the view:
it’s country walks
and heart-warming talks
mind-blowing preaches
and breakfast on beaches
feasting and family
and peace and grace and Jesus
our Battle-Scarred Brother face to face

Maybe we came to the tomb
to pretty a corpse
and honour the dead
But today instead
we meet a living God
And so
with a tremor in our voices
but steel in our bones
we dare to step
on the monster’s neck
as it writhes
under the Victor’s blow
and in the face of hell
we bellow
O Grave Where is your victory?
O Death Where is your sting?
We sing the happily ever after
Here begins the Easter laughter

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