Jesus Came To Rescue ___

Who did Jesus come for?

This video explores the theme of ‘rescue’ by unpacking Luke 19 v 10.

Using a variety of engaging sports footage, we explore who Jesus may have come for: The happy? The talented? The strong? The insecure?

The answer is revealed: ‘the lost’… ‘you’.

Mid-way through, the film moves away from sporting venues to news footage of real-life rescues. The film goes on to show footage of Jesus on the cross and the empty tomb.

It ends with a question: Will you choose rescue?

This video was produced by Christians in Sport for their Sports Plus 2018 camp. The camp was on the theme ‘rescue’ in Luke’s Gospel.

Possible Discussion Questions

  • Was there anything in the video that moved you or made you think?
  • Have you ever heard that Jesus came to rescue you before? How does that make you feel?



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