How do you deal with uncertainty?

How do we deal with the unknowns of life?

Using imagery from the ports of Pembrokeshire, this short video describes the mystery that the sea holds for us and our ancestors.

Likening the unpredictable nature of the sea with the many unknowns in our lives – it poses this question:

How do we face uncertainty?

When Sailors were faced with a stormy sea – they wouldn’t tie themselves to a table or a friend, they would tie themselves to the sturdiest part of the ship: the mast.

When the storms of life come – what is that one thing you tie yourself to?

Will it last the storm?

Possible Discussion Questions

  • When uncertainty comes, what is our default thing to do or place to go?
  • How does knowing Gods character help when the storms or unknowns of life come?

Related Bible Reference

  • Hebrews 6:19-20
  • Matthew 4:24-27



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