Authored To Die

Author of life, authored to die

This is humanity’s story, told simply and powerfully through spoken word. Who is the author? God himself.

Written at the beginning of time, into the very fabric of creation, this is the story of all stories. It tells of how humanity turned away from a perfect life with God, preferring to go its own way, walking straight into the arms of darkness, disease and death.

Yet instead of writing off a rebellious humanity, God lovingly wrote a rescue plan, sending his own son to step down into time and space.

Yet the hero of history, sent to save a broken humanity, was himself disfigured and nailed to a tree. The author of life was authored to die as an offering for our sin. But he rose again, victorious, rewriting our story and undoing our curse.

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Possible Discussion Questions

  • If you were the author of life, how would you rewrite the story of a rebellious humanity?
  • What is your place in this story and how might you respond to the author of life?

Related Bible Reference

  • John 3:16
  • Isaiah 53:5



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Performed by: Benjamin Holmes