On The Way To The Execution

On The Way To The Execution

A funny thing happened on the way to the execution

In this poem, Glen Scrivener unpacks the sad humour and irony in Jesus’ execution. 

1) The Judge is put in the dock 
2) The King is convicted of treason
3) The Truth is held in contempt of court
4) God is declared a heretic

How amazing that despite this, God doesn’t respond with a thunderbolt, but instead with arms unfurled in forgiveness!

Possible discussion questions

What do you find funny or strange about Jesus' execution?

How does it make you feel, that despite how he was treated Jesus was offering forgiveness at the cross rather than retaliating?


Did you hear the one about
the God who croaked?
It’s quite the joke
He’s this bloke, shows up broke
among downtrodden folk
Spoke truth, full tilt
words spilt
He’s a Jew doing stand up
with a northern lilt
Built worlds with his words
provoked laughter, stoked rage
awoke guilt in the powerful
then to assuage
But his schtick
uncloaked the crowd
pricked the proud
He ploughed dangerous and deep
to the core
And history saw that when Truth
is so uncouth as to speak
we freak
in frenzied violence
We’re proud to be woke
but when God spoke
we choked him to silence
That’s the joke
Heaven came preaching
earth would not hear
We said ‘Shut the hell up’
which was his whole idea
He said: ‘I’ll set you free’
so we put him in chains
to teach him who or what
on earth really reigns

So God goes on trial
the file against him’s thin
but they pile in
Accusers line up
through the night
but none turn out 
to line up right
And all the while
God pleads the fifth
An Adamantine monolith
He will not baulk
They knock, they mock
they hurl their mud
against the rock
Nothing makes him talk
And not one accusation sticks
except, the one he fixed on
from the start:
He’s God
Implacably so
Well case closed
he has to go
What’s he done?
None can say
But for who he is
God must pay
Here’s the shock:
the Judge is put in the dock
The guilty sit on high
and make their verdict:
Life must die
The Truth is held 
in contempt of reason
The King convicted 
of high treason
And to cap it all
their genius trick
God’s declared a heretic
So the Mover of worlds 
is pinned to a stake
His thirst unslaked
His life-blood taken
Earth shaken
God forsaken
He turned his cheek
earth clenched its fist
and hammered heaven’s Pacifist
And the man who drove the nails
the soldier who impales 
his Maker with a spear
to him it’s suddenly clear
however odd:
This is what it looks like 
to be God
Not a thunderbolt hurled
Arms wide open to the world
Forgiveness unfurled 
to his murderers
This is God
covered in blood
This is Good
Good Friday
if you credit it
Good news
if you’ll let it
It’s a good joke
if you get it

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