On The Way To Jerusalem

On The Way To Jerusalem

In 2018, Easter falls on the same day as April Fools Day. Here Glen Scrivener explores the way that the Easter story is actually comedic.

Firstly Easter reveals a God who has a death wish – death is THE item on his bucket list! For others it might have displayed a lack of ambition but for Jesus it was his mission. Glen points out that instead of being an assassination, actually Jesus’ death is his coronation! Jesus’ death wish is how he proves his deity.
Then there’s his mode of transport: a king riding in on a donkey – that’s comedic. Typically you’d expect a king to ride in on a stallion with an army of troops behind. But instead this king rides on to victory on a donkey.

Possible discussion questions

How could Jesus' death be seen as a coronation rather than an assassination?

How does Easter prove that Jesus is Lord?


So there’s this guy who says that he’s God
Repeatedly, and he’s not a fraud
He is the still centre of sanity
no hint of vanity
Purest humanity
But he’s God
and he needs you to know that he’s God
He’s God on a mission
He’s got a real messiah complex
The original condition
A messiah complex
with a death wish
and that’s the joke
Cos when he spoke 
his claim
all would complain
crying ‘Prove it!’
And he says ‘I’ll show you I’m God
Watch me die’
Which is odd
as a sign of deity
But he doesn’t just say it
he hurls himself
fierce at the grave
declaring that this is he behaviour of divinity
He’ll assert his infinity
by choking to death
to croak his last breath
in rasping benediction
He’s the Fountain of Life
and the clearest depiction
His conviction’s non-fiction
is a cry of dereliction
One hell of a crucifixion
There’s this guy and he’s God and he must die on this he’ll insist
It’s the item on his bucket list
He’s Messiah with a death-wish
and while for us
‘dying’ would represent 
a distinct lack of ambition
for him it’s his mission
To be slain as a Lamb
He said ‘When I’m lifted up
then you’ll know that I AM’  
Then you’ll know it’s not a scam
To see him damned
by earth, hell and heaven
Then comes recognition:
here’s the definition
 of glory
So in this story
the King marches to his throne
his face set like stone
to ascend the hill
and assert his will
to reign in state
Protocol dictates
he should ride a steed
of noble breed
perhaps a stallion
and, behind, his battalion
and so to his office accede
But here’s the thing
This king rides a donkey
Or two- so Matthew reckoned
he remembers a second
An old cloak laid astride
these poor brutes side by side
So, picture the scene
Lining the road:
Israel’s people and priests
and God all-precarious
atop these two beasts
A royal charade
A half-assed parade
And they’re hailing him King and he looks like a fool
And still he rides on the irony cruel
Cos he knows that the crowd enraptured in praise
will bay for his blood in a matter of days
But still he rides on down this road
he cannot be slowed
On this trajectory locked
he will be mocked 
and forlorn his figure torn
majesty shorn
crowned by thorns
with nails adorned
enthroned in scorn
His kingdom borne
across trembling shoulders
Yet on he soldiers
For this is his divine vocation
decidedly not an assassination
Somehow it’s his coronation
Because here the fountain is comprehended
When we see it full-expended
In death the Life-Spring
crimson poured
becomes the proof
that He is Lord
So on he rides in asinine glory
Easter is a funny story

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