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On The Way To Jerusalem

In 2018, Easter falls on the same day as April Fools Day. Glen Scrivener explores the way that the Easter story is actually comedic.

Firstly Easter reveals a God who has a death wish – death is THE item on his bucket list! For others it might have displayed a lack of ambition but for Jesus it was his mission. Glen points out that instead of being an assassination, actually Jesus’ death is his coronation! Jesus’ death wish is how he proves his deity.

Then there’s his mode of transport: a king riding in on a donkey – that’s comedic. Typically you’d expect a king to ride in on a stallion with an army of troops behind. But instead this king rides on to victory on a donkey.

Possible Discussion Questions

  • How could Jesus’ death be seen as a coronation rather than an assassination?
  • How does Easter prove that Jesus is Lord?



Produced by Speak Life

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Written and performed by: Glen Scrivener

Videographer: Alan Witchalls