You Know His Name

and he knows yours. But do you really know him?

Powerful spoken word poem by Phil Howe that unpacks the different names and titles we find for Jesus in the Bible.

Discover what his names teach us about Jesus but also that there’s more than just knowing his name. The Christian faith isn’t about having the right answers, but about a personal relationship with Jesus who came to save us.

Jesus wants you to know him.

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Possible Discussion Questions

  • Is this your first encounter with Jesus, or have you heard of Jesus before or do really know him?
  • What do you think the Christian faith is about?
  • What struck you about Jesus from this video?

Related Bible Reference

  • Matthew 1:21

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Written by Phil Howe

Phil Howe is the Training & Resources Manager for Scripture Union Northern Ireland. He loves sharing from God’s Word and has a heart for equipping people to open up the Bible for themselves and for others.

Animated by Polly Standring

Polly Standring is being trained in videography and production with Go Chatter. She loves being a Londoner, drawing UK landmarks, most sports and looking after her many plants.